This is something that maybe comes with age…maybe I found it when I quit drinking 9 years ago.  Who knows but the sooner you latch on to the fact “that you are not special” the easier things become.  This is very true in the restaurant business. About the drinking thing…Once […]

“You Are Not Special.”

Check the ego at the door.  Ha!!!!  no easy task for restaurant owners 🙂  if you have a successful restaurant/catering operation how can you not have an ego when everyone is telling you how great you are.  If you have a struggling operation all you can do is think “what […]

Ego vs Humility

  I was listening to one of my entrepreneur podcasts that I follow.  I am not sure which one it was and the person being interviewed said something that stuck in my head.  If she found her self getting into a negative frame of mind she would set a timer and […]

5 minute rule….

So this weekend I was helping my 9-year-old son with his homework. He is learning percentages. In the example we were using they were comparing 100 percent to 100 pennies. Needless to say I got really excited and next thing I know I am teaching him pour costs 🙂 What a […]

100 pennies in a dollar….